Riaxin Pads


What is Riaxin? Riaxin Advanced Joint Care Formula is an one-of-a-kind analgesic specifically designed to help reduce the discomfort associated with pains from wear and tear of joints and muscles, contusions, joint sprains, muscle strains, and backaches. Each pad contains an effective, all-natural solution that is applied directly to the area of discomfort.

Riaxin’s History – For thousands of years, herbs have been studied and used to bring people back to health. Essences of herbs aren’t only used to improve quality of life, but also necessary after injuries. Especially noteworthy in the field of care and wellness of joints, muscle, and tendon discomforts, are Shaolin’s many thousand year old formulas, many of which are known products in the market. To share their knowledge with the world, Shaolin released a vast collection of their herbal formulas in volumes of books in the last hundred years.

How was Riaxin designed? – Our staff, rich in both eastern and western medicine training and experience, combine the best of both worlds: modern western scientific knowledge (anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology) and ancient proven herbal formulas (eastern holistic principals). The result is the new Riaxin Joint Care Formula.

Riaxin-Formula-GraphicProven Herbal Knowledge + Scientific Implementation =
Riaxin Joint Care Formula